Pupil v0.5.0 Release

2015 Jul 03

We are very excited to release our latest set of improvements to the Pupil project

Download Pupil v0.5.0

New Features

  • New unified video capture backend: pyUVC - No more patching of Linux. Single USB support everywhere!
  • MJPEG recording option. (Uses no CPU but makes bigger files, currently for Linux only -Mac works when running from source).
  • Fixation detector for Pupil Player.
  • Pupil and gaze data is now also saved in a pickled file. We use this internally for Pupil Player
  • Now you can open a different recording in Pupil Player simply by dragging it onto an existing window.
  • Pupil Player now opens a blank window when started without recording. You can drag and drop a recording into this “dummy” to open a recording.

Bugfixes and minor Improvements

  • Windows and menus always remember their size and position
  • Settings from previous software versions are ignored.
  • Many minor UI tweaks
  • Mac OS cursor does not hide on resize
  • Fixed bug that occurred on some Ubuntu machines on window resize
  • Simplified HDPI handling
  • Multiple Player export bugfixes
  • Various other bugfixes
  • Now using GLFW3.1
  • Updated and streamlined GLFW bindings
  • Updated pyglui to v0.3

As always, we’d be happy to receive your feedback. If you spot any typos, bugs, or have an idea for a new feature feature - please raise an issue at: github.com/pupil-labs/pupil/issues

We look forward to seeing what you do with Pupil :)

v0.5.4 Update

We just released v0.5.4:

MJPEG recording is now officially implemented and supported on Mac and Linux both in bundle and running from source.

Unlike version 0.5.3 we no longer rely on a ffmpeg executable to be present for this. Its back to simply download and install the bundle.

Download Pupil v0.5.4

v0.5.5 Hotfix for Pupil Player

This release fixes a bug that prevented mjpeg recordings to be exported.

Download Pupil Player v0.5.5