Head of Marketing and Communications

Remote (UTC+0 to UTC+7) or on-site in Berlin

A unique business and community

Pupil Labs is an eye tracking technology company.

We believe that eye tracking should be used to unlock the vast potential of the human mind. We build tools that make that possible. We empower thousands of researchers, innovators, and builders with state-of-the-art eye tracking technology that gets out of their way and make real world applications possible.

Why eye tracking?

The eyes are our dominant sense to understand the world around us.

We believe that we are always aware of our entire field of view but, quite the opposite is true. At any given moment our eyes resolve just 0.5% of it in high acuity and color! This is done by a small central area of the retina called the fovea. This is where dense visual information is captured.

Our visual cortex uses these “spotlights” of information to construct an illusion of a complete world. Our gaze moves quickly, jumping from one point of interest to the next. Any gaps of missing or outdated information are filled by even more moving and sensing of the eyes. So fast in fact that we are not consciously aware of any lack in the first place.

This act of seeking and seeing creates a choreography that is driven by what is in the world around us and also what we want of it at any given moment. Looking at these movements means watching a person's brain taking in visual information. We can become intimately aware of:

  • What they are doing right now.
  • What they are planning to do in the next moment.
  • What they want from the world.
  • What they know about the world.
  • How does it make them feel?
  • How does it confuse, engage, bore, or tax them?
  • Is their vision working?
  • Are they anxious or depressed?
  • Are they concussed or injured?
  • What did they notice… or not notice.

In short, looking at the eyes allows for a deep understanding of how humans perceive the world and how we act and react in it. Having the ability to see the mind working in this way is a powerful tool for insight and makes eye tracking one of the most powerful biosensors at our disposal.

🤿 Dive deeper. Check out our What is eye tracking? article

The role: Head of Marketing and Communications

As Head of Marketing and Communications you will be the first member of the team focused solely on communicating our products and mission to the world. You will be interacting broadly across facets of the company, gaining insight into everything we do so you can communicate our vision and develop engaging stories. You will be working closely with the managing founders.

You will have a lot of autonomy and freedom to decide what you want to try and how to try it. This role is ideal for someone who can take ownership, think broadly, and can run experiments to see what works.

Since 2014 Pupil Labs has done zero formal marketing and have managed to build a successful and profitable business. So, we must have done something right along the way. Most of our customers have found Pupil Labs by word of mouth or organically. We have built a strong brand and community. We have experimented with some marketing ideas, but have not made any sustained efforts.

You will explore and figure out what type of marketing is most effective and what to focus on.

While you will have significant autonomy and - at first - will be the only person focused solely on marketing, you will have support from the rest of the company. We believe Marketing Done Right must be deeply integrated with the company. You will be collaborating closely with team leads and founders.

What we’re looking for

  • Creativity and Ambition. We are looking for novel marketing ideas, methods, and deliverables. Pupil Labs is not competing with other companies; we have and will continue to reinvent the game!
  • Authenticity. We value direct experiences. We’d rather be real and a bit rough around the edges than come across as try-hard and corporate.
  • Clarity. Engaging and clear communication is the foundation of marketing. We have a lot that we need to show but need a great storyteller. We need to experiment with the delivery. We block ads, we expect our community to do the same. We unsubscribe from most email lists - too much noise. We are tired of seeing “listicles” all over the internet.
  • Meaningful growth. We are growing and aim to continue growing. This is a pivotal moment for eye tracking and Pupil Labs. Our tech has matured to a point where it can be embedded and power all kinds of applications. We need to build those connections and spread the word. We don’t want “growth at any cost”; we are looking for meaningful growth with engaged partners and community members.

Who we’re looking for

  • Entrepreneurial. You will be working with a high level of autonomy with the support of other team leads and the founders. You must be proactive, resourceful, and independently motivated. We need a sparring partner, not just an executor.
  • Creative and critical. We are looking for someone inventive and strategic. Creativity with results that can be measured.
  • Experience and network. Quickly and clearly articulate tradeoffs of different strategies. Have network bandwidth to recruit or outsource work.


  • Onsite and remote work options: About half of our team is remote. We have been a remote/hybrid team from the beginning. Like to be in an office? We have a beautiful office in Berlin, Germany. We are also remote-friendly if you do decide to work at our on-site location with home office options.
  • Continue learning and developing professionally; we will sponsor you to attend relevant conferences and/or workshops.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • 6 weeks of holidays per year.
  • Healthy work-life balance.
  • Accommodating full and part-time work options.
  • Employee stock option program.


Salary range: 70k-100k EUR

Apply: Submit your CV and Coverletter here.