Senior Fullstack Developer


We are looking to hire an exceptional Senior Fullstack Developer to join our team of dedicated experts on a full-time basis working on Pupil Cloud - - This is not just another CRUD app, but a cloud-based storage and analysis platform for eye tracking data featuring state-of-the-art algorithms developed in collaboration with our R&D team. This platform is used by researchers on a daily basis and processes semi-realtime terabytes of variable frame rate video, audio, and nanosecond precision time series data. This data can reach sampling frequencies of up to 200 Hz and is streamed over the web!

Features of Pupil Cloud include data management and data analysis. Recordings can be played back and data can be explored and annotated. Users can construct complex analysis pipelines and visualize their results.

What would you do

  • Take on key responsibilities in frontend and backend development for Pupil Cloud.
  • Use cutting-edge technologies to solve hard problems and expand on what is possible in modern web applications.
  • Push boundaries of video animation playback, our platform is displaying video, audio, and time-series data (e.g. IMU data, gaze data, pupil diameters) at 200hz as well as 3d models in the browser.
  • Contribute to API development
  • Design great user experiences and build innovative applications for the web in collaboration with our strong in-house design team.
  • Ensure that features are delivered efficiently and on-time
  • In addition to code contribution, you will also participate in architectural review and design
  • Review code contributions from the team and help mentor junior developers.

Who you are

  • A motivated innovator with a thirst to solve hard problems.
  • Love to write and read clear, efficient, and tested code (js and Python).
  • Experienced with web-based APIs/services
  • Understand the need for security and privacy
  • Care deeply about performance
  • Have a strong command of spoken and written English and can clearly communicate ideas
  • Have a keen eye for details both in terms of engineering and design.
  • Experience with video playback in browsers is a must.
  • Experience with WebGL is a plus.

Technology we use

  • React
  • Python (for backend, desktop, and R&D)
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Postgresql
  • Clickhouse

Services we use

  • Gitlab
  • Amazon AWS
  • Sentry
  • Google/Firebase


  • Onsite and remote work options: Like to be in an office - we have a beautiful office in Berlin, Germany. We are also remote-friendly if you do decide to work at our on-site location with home office options. Half of our team is remote. We have an established culture around async + sync work styles.
  • Continue learning and develop professionally; we will sponsor you to attend relevant scientific/developer conferences.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • 6 weeks of holidays per year.
  • Healthy work-life balance


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