Website Privacy Policy -

This website collects personal data from its users. Personal data is collected for the following purposes and using the following services:


Personal data: Cookie and usage data

Services used: Google Analytics with IP anonymization

User Contact

Mailing list or newsletter. The Pupil Labs newsletter is opt-in only with email confirmation of opt-in. Personal data stored is the email address only. Data is stored by a third party service (see service used below).

Email communications. Pupil Labs communicates with users via email. Email services are operated by a third party service and email data is stored by this service.

Services used: Mailing List: Mailchimp Email: G Suite

Payment processing

Payments are processed through a third party service (see service below). Please refer to the third party service privacy and data protection policy.

Services used: Stripe

Online sales of goods and services

The personal data collected by this website is used to provide services to users or to sell goods; This includes information for billing address, shipping address, email contact, and phone contact. Data is stored processed and stored using a third party services/infrastructure.

Pupil Labs does not collect payment data. Payment data is collected and processed by third parties.

Services used: Order data: G Suite, Digital Ocean Payment data: Stripe

Contact details

Owner: Pupil Labs GmbH, Gustav-Muller-Str 7, Berlin, 10829, Berlin, Germany


Last update: May 24 2018