Make recordings in the field. Securely upload recordings to the cloud. Organize and collaborate with colleagues around the world.


We want you to be able to focus on what matters most - your research. Pupil Cloud helps you streamline your research workflow. Create study meta-data in the web before you go into the field. Synchronize all study data between Pupil Invisible Companion devices in the field.

Automatic uploads

Automatically upload all recordings directly from Invisible Companion to cloud storage. We have built a resumable upload system that will upload your recordings when you’re connected to WiFi. If you go offline, don’t worry, your uploads will pick up right where they left off when you come back online. Once uploaded, you can review recordings on the web and collaborate with your colleagues.


Reduce the latency. Your team can collaborate at any stage of the research workflow - from study prep, synchronization of devices in the field, to post-hoc analysis. Recordings are organized and searchable by meta-data so you can easily find and filter recordings to download for further analysis.

Invisible Companion

Pupil Invisible comes with an Android smartphone and companion app - Invisible Companion. It uses the companion device for real-time neural network gaze estimation, real-time streaming over wifi, recording, and optional connectivity to Pupil Cloud to securely backup your recordings.

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