Open source eye tracking platform.

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Open and accessible.

Pupil Core is an eye tracking platform that is comprised of an open source software suite and a wearable eye tracking headset. Pupil Core is more than just a product, it is an open platform used by a global community of researchers. Venture into new areas of inquiry.


Connect your Pupil Core headset to a desktop or laptop. View and record real-time gaze and pupil data. Interface with other devices with our network based API.


Drag and drop your recordings into Pupil Player. Build rich visualizations of gaze on first-person video. Enrich your data with analysis plugins. Export raw data and enriched data for further analysis.

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Quick start

Need help getting started with Pupil Core? Learn how to quickly get set up and tracking in minutes with our quick start guide.

Quick start guide

Adapt & Extend

Pupil Core is used for a diverse range of research purposes. The headset is modular, durable, and lightweight.

Use Pupil Core’s API to connect to other devices. Easily add custom features by writing a plugin in Python. Load plugins at runtime in the app.

Adapt our hardware and software to suit your needs. Build novel prototypes.

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Support & Training

Need help getting up and running? Connect with the community or get help from an expert. Learn how to integrate eye tracking into your workflow.

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