Wear, Capture, Analyze

All the tools you need to go from eye tracking data collection to insight generation!

Robustly record eye tracking data and monitor your experiment in real-time using the Neon Companion App. Securely store and analyze your data using advanced gaze mapping and scene understanding algorithms in Pupil Cloud.

Real-time Data

Companion App

With Neon, you have full control during data collection. Neon Companion App provides a live preview of gaze data, scene video, and eye videos. Easily manage subjects and add meta data with templates. Immediately playback recordings directly on the device and upload to Pupil Cloud.


Put on Neon and immediately view real-time gaze data directly in the Companion App. Stream data over local WiFi to any web browser to get a glimpse of the world through a subject’s eyes. Remotely control all your devices: start & stop recordings, annotate with events, and more!

‘The Dream Archive’ Lili Tae Solo Exhibition 2023 at Saratta


Pupil Cloud is our web based eye tracking platform for data logistics, analysis, and visualization. We leverage cloud computing power to help gain insight into your eye tracking datasets.

Data Logistics

Pupil Cloud solves data logistics for you. Recordings can automatically be uploaded to your Cloud account. All your data is available in one location. Pupil Cloud makes it easy for you to share your data with collaborators while maintaining full access control. Storage is GDPR compliant, and privacy preserving.

Automated Analysis

Pupil Cloud offers a range of tools to fully automate the traditionally labour intensive task of manually mapping gaze to a stimulus in the environment. Explore different gaze mapping enrichments:

Reference Image Mapper

With Reference Image Mapper you can simply take a reference image of your stimulus and have the gaze mapped to it fully automatically using sophisticated algorithms. Automatically map gaze onto features/objects in the environment.

Face Mapper

Detect faces in the scene video and map gaze data onto them.

Marker Mapper

Define surfaces using using AprilTags. Map gaze onto those surfaces.

Gaze Overlay

Customize the visualization of gaze, fixation, and scene video. Batch render video sections for qualitative analysis and visualization.

Make sense of data

Flexibly aggregate and explore your data. No code required.


Easily generate and configure heatmaps to visualize aggregate eye tracking data. Show where multiple subjects looked at an object of interest using the Reference Image Mapper or Marker Mapper enrichments.

‘The Dream Archive’ Lili Tae Solo Exhibition 2023 at Saratta

Develop and Integrate

Real-time Network API

Our real-time API is built using the Real-time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). We have a Python library to make implementation a breeze.

Pupil Cloud API

Pupil Cloud API allows you to access and manage all your stored data programmatically. You can also run various analysis processes via the API to streamline your application.

Open Data Format

Freely save and access all data with no restrictions. Data is saved in convenient and fully documented formats. There are no license restrictions limiting your rights to use your data.


All data is timestamped and easy to synchronize with other bio-sensors and data steams.

Compatible with Scientific Libraries

Neon is compatible with Lab Streaming Layer and PsychoPy.

Software Integrations

Compatible with iMotions software. Enables researchers to gain a holistic view of human behavior via the integration of multiple biosensors.