Add awareness to your
VR/AR experience.

Integrate and react

Eye tracking superpowers

Add Pupil Core based eye tracking capabilities to the current range of leading VR and AR platforms. Use the VR or AR hardware you already own, and augment it with our tool-free, drop-in eye tracking hardware. You can use our software platform, or roll your own. With our open source software and direct access to the raw eye video feeds you are never locked into a platform.

Build with us.

Pupil Core API

Build with Pupil Core’s network based API. We maintain a Unity3d plugin and WorldViz has out of the box support for Pupil Core.

An ever growing community.

Our goal is to work with and support a community of researchers and developers in creating reusable open source software for eye tracking in HMDs.

Many researchers and developers have already thought of, or implemented eye tracking software HMDs. Instead of continuing to reinvent the wheel, we have formed a community with the goal of sharing knowledge and tools.

Our partners, integrators, and service providers.

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