v5.8 - Demo Workspace & Fixation Scanpath Visualization

July 8, 2022

Big updates for Pupil Cloud! A Demo Workspace with sample recordings, projects, and enrichments for everyone to explore. Fixation scanpaths can now visualized in all video playback in Cloud.

Demo Workspace

Every Pupil Cloud user now has access to our new Demo Workspace. It contains recordings and an example project with enrichments. We encourage everyone to explore it to help understand cloud features, best practices, and to get hands-on on with a real world dataset recorded with Pupil Invisible. We will continue to add more projects over time. Have a use-case you'd like to see as a demo? Get in touch!

Learn more about the demo workspace here.

Fixation Scanpath Visualization

We have added a new visualization for fixation scanpaths to all video playback in Pupil Cloud. It shows the sequence of fixations for the last two seconds in a recording. The visualization compensates for head movements to ensure fixations remain in the right location even when the viewpoint changes. (We've got a white paper on the new fixation detection algorithm coming soon - stay tuned!)