Release v0.9.13

August 3, 2017

New feature release. We recommend updating Pupil Player and Capture to v0.9.13!


  • Fully synced audio: Audio is recorded with timestamps and merged with video when exported in Pupil Player. (Mac and Linux only for now).
  • Pupil Player now supports recordings made locally with Pupil Mobile.
  • Offline pupil detection: You can now do post-recording pupil (re)-detection. Just make sure you record the eye video in capture.
  • Offline Calibration using markers: If you include calibrations in your recording you can calibrate after using this method.
  • Offline Calibration using natural features: You can calibrate post-recording by clicking known gaze locations.
  • Pupil Capture now has a reset-settings-to-defaults button.
  • Reverted back to old presets for 3d detection as they create more stable models.
  • Pupil Time Sync is no longer a default plugin. This should be turned on when using groups and/or Pupil Mobile!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed more than 2 eye processes to run.
  • Improved libuvc performance on Windows (reduces CPU load).
  • Numerous small fixes.

Deprecated/removed features:

  • Removed manual gaze correction. Let us know if this feature is really required.

Hotfixes within this release (v0.9.13-48)

  • Fixed offline surface Tracker
  • Fixed demo recording import
  • Improved libuvc shutdown procedure

Documentation and Demo

We are still short on docs for the new player methods. Check out the demo video here:

Windows Driver Installation

If you are installing Pupil on Windows 10 for the first time or after a windows update, please see Windows 10 driver setup instructions here.

Windows release coming soon!