Release v1.10

January 3, 2019



RealSense D400 Support - #1409

Please be aware, that it is recommended to keep your D400’s firmware update-to-date. See the Intel documentation on how to do that.

Intel does not currently provide a Python wrapper for macOS. Until they do, we are not able to support the Pupil Capture D400 backend on macOS.


Export timestamps as csv on video export

  • Timestamps will now be exported as a csv when you export a video #1411

Command-line arguments - #1384

Previously, only simple arguments could be passed to Pupil via command-line. This included the debug and profiled mode. Motivated by #1315, we decided to start parsing command-line arguments properly.

See the pull request description for details on the available command-line arguments.

Pupil Remote port command-line argument

Using the --port PORT argument, it is now possible to set the Pupil Remote port for Capture and Service.


  • Fake Backend: Fix playback after seeking - #1396
  • Fixation Detector: Fix export format - #1395
  • Improved compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave - #1381

Developers notes

New dependencies

  • Optional, required for RealSense D400 backend: pyrealsense2

API changes

  • Pupil Detector Network API, see PR for details - #1395

  • Pupil Remote: Forward IPC/multipart messages - #1385