Release v1.20

December 12, 2019

Features and Changes

Deprecated Fingertip Calibration - #1753, #1757

We removed the fingertip calibration method.

The fingertip calibration method was rarely used and provided lower accuracy compared to other calibration methods. Additionally, dependencies needed for the fingertip detection required some work to set up correctly and accounted for almost 50% of the size of our application bundles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when trying to open empty (but existing) recordings - #1751
  • Fixed a crash on Windows when missing the latest Visual Studio redistributables - #1756
  • Fixed visualization of circle markers in offline calibration for recordings with gaps - #1758
  • Fixed broken combination of --hide-ui and --profile CLI flags - #1760

Developer Notes

Externalized Pupil Detectors - #1642

We have extracted the Pupil Detectors into their own repository:

This will make it very easy to use our pupil detectors in any standalone application or experimental setup without having to deal with all of Pupil’s intricacies.

Additionally this will make it much easier to run Pupil from source (especially on Windows), since we are distributing pupil-detectors as package via PyPI and even provide precompiled binaries for Windows!

OpenGL Debugging - #1752

We occasionally receive crash reports involving error messages from PyOpenGL, which we cannot reproduce on our machines. We wrapped the PyOpenGL errors to prevent crashes and log additional messages in these cases. This can result in visual UI errors (instead of a crash) when there are OpenGL issues. If you notice any weird UI behavior, please save the log file and report back to us.