Release v1.21

January 9, 2020

Features and Changes

Support for Pupil Invisible Audio Recordings - #1748

Pupil Player now supports audio playback and audio export for Pupil Invisible recordings with audio recordings.

Stream Head Pose over Network - #1774

You can now subscribe to the the topic head_pose to receive live data from the Online Head Pose Tracker plugin.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed eye processes always displayed the algorithm view - #1766
  • Fixed potential crash when changing the eye video size - #1770
  • Made pyrealsense warning a debug-level message in order to be less obtrusive - #1768
  • Fixed broken interactivity of the ROI mask in the eye windows - #1778
  • Fixed multiple stability issues with the fullscreen calibration window - #1767

Developer Notes

Changed Requirements

We updated the PyAV dependency to v0.4.4 for the PI audio support. On Linux and macOS, you can update with:

pip install -U git+

On Windows, download and install the latest wheel from GitHub.