Release v1.3

February 2, 2018

There are a lot of new features - especially for Pupil Player - that we are excited to share with the Pupil community.

screen shot 2018-02-02 at 13 34 22

Screenshot of Pupil Player demonstrating the timeline graphs features during a “blink” event.



  • Text input - Support for cut/copy/paste and double click to select all in text input fields - #1027
  • Collapsed menu - Main menu is now collapsed by default#1019. You can expand the menu by clicking any of the the icons on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Pupil detection - Disable coarse detection for eye videos with width less than 200 pixels #1022
  • Pupil Service UI #1016
Pupil Service UI

Pupil Capture

  • 200hz eye camera - Improved support for the new Pupil Labs 200Hz eye cameras
  • Online pupil detection opt-out - This feature enables one to opt-out of online pupil detection in Pupil Capture #1009. If you use this feature, you should record eye videos so that you can use offline pupil detection and calibration in Pupil Player (Recorder > Record eye).
  • Real world start time - Add record start time as Unix timestamp to info.csv #1017 - this enables users to calculate when the recording started in real-world time.
  • Single marker calibration - Add display modes for Single Marker Calibration #1021

Pupil Player

  • Time based seeking in Player #1041
  • Improved Player seek control
  • Add more Player timelines
  • Offline blink detection #1040

Offline Calibration Improvements

  • Disabled automatic search for calibration markers
  • Added option to cancel calibration marker seach
  • Added option to use detected calibration marker as natural features for manual filtering
  • Improved caching of detected data

Improved Player Seek Control

  • Highlight elements on hover that can be activated when being clicked or dragged
  • Playback modes and speeds #1023
    • Frame-by-frame seeking when paused
    • Decrease and increase playback speed while playing
  • Point & click somewhere on the seek bar to jump to this position

Player Timelines

  • Added pupil confidence graph in the timeline #1040
  • Added 2d pupil diameter (pixels) graph in the timeline diameter, 2d, in pixels #1040
  • Added blink events graph in the timeline #1040
  • Added recorded FPS, for world and eye videos as a graph in the timeline #1051

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed visual bug where offline gaze mapping would be stuck at 99% #1014
  • Fixed crash when changing a text field in the Accuracy Visualizer menu #1007
  • Fix passing a recording to Pupil Player as a command line argument #1006
  • Fix bug where main menu would not expand #1006
  • Improved ROI handling #1031

200hz video Pupil mobile bundle support

This has been added with v1.3-9! Please update to this version and re-download the recordings from your device.