v1.1.1 - Watchdog Service, Gaze Estimation Pipeline Update

February 8, 2021

Watchdog Service

We have added a “watchdog service” to further minimize data loss while recording. Stability is one of Pupil Invisible’s strongest features during data acquisition, but there is always the off-chance of something going wrong. The watchdog service detects failure cases, like e.g. a faulty USB connection, automatically and warns you already at recording time.

The warning consists of the Companion Device vibrating and a red LED blinking on the Pupil Invisible Glasses. A message will be displayed on the Companion Device about what needs to be done!

Gaze Estimation Pipeline Update

We have updated the deep learning pipeline for gaze estimation to version 1.7. This update results in an improvement to gaze estimation accuracy of about 0.5° on average compared to the accuracy originally reported in our white paper.