Pupil Labs

We build state of the art eye tracking hardware and software.

We work hard to bring research ideas out of the lab and into the real world.

We founded Pupil Labs in 2014 around a single product - Pupil Core - an open source software suite and wearable eye tracking headset that has gathered a global community of eye tracking researchers. In a few short years, we grew from a 2 person company into a market leader in wearable eye tracking.

In 2019 we released Pupil Invisible - the first deep learning eye tracking system that really felt like a normal pair of glasses.

Another big enabler is cloud based analysis of gaze and egocentric video data. We built Pupil Cloud to make a powerful set of algorithms and infrastructure accessible to researchers and builders with an intuitive UI and an open API.

Now we are launching Neon - an eye tracking module with a diverse family of frames. NeonNet, our deep learning gaze estimation pipeline, provides you with unprecedented data quality even in the most demanding conditions. We built Neon so that any researcher or entrepreneur can just add eye tracking to their next study, prototype, or product.

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Made in Berlin
Shipped Worldwide.

Our main office is located in Berlin, Germany. We fabricate locally and ship worldwide.

We strive to make great tools, and are excited to see what you do with them!

Our Team

We have built a team of experts who are working together to solve challenging and exciting problems.

Founding Partner, CEO

Founding Partner

Prof. Dr. Andreas Bulling

Partner, Scientific Adviser

Marc Tonsen

Partner, Product Lead

Nathakit Sae-Tan

Product Designer

Dr. Kai Dierkes

Lead R&D Engineer

Kamen Kirov

Partner, Lead Embedded Systems Engineer, R&D Engineer

Francesco Gennari

Operations Manager

Hannes Geipel

Industrial Designer

Chris Kay Baumann

R&D Engineer, Software Engineer

Karit Vichaithanaruks


Daniel Douvaris

Lead Web Developer

Ryan Carter

Hardware & Fulfillment

Daria Golab

Hardware & Fulfillment

Yassamine Guerrouf

Office Manager

Dr. Neil Thomas

Lead Product Specialist & Research Consultant

Dr. Michael Drews

R&D Engineer

Kornrat Euchukanonchai

UI/UX Designer

Molly MacDonald

Hardware & Fulfillment

Maria Remizova

Sales & Operations

Kartikey Porwal

Senior Software Engineer

Dr. Miguel Garcia Garcia

Product Specialist & Research Consultant

Eleonora Baldini

Product Specialist & Research Consultant

Ivan Lazarevic

Senior Software Engineer

Dr. Nadia Paraskevoudi

Product Specialist & Research Consultant

Dr. Thomas Pfeffer

R&D Engineer

Dr. Dominic Canare

Product & Coding Specialist

Juraj Vincúr

XR Hardware and Software Developer

Rafael Beckel

Backend Research Development Engineer

Nicholas Gillin

Content Creator

Careers and opportunities

Want to work with exceptional colleagues and build core technology used by top academic institutions and companies?

Join us and help shape the future of eye tracking.

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