Pupil Capture, Player, and Service Release v0.9.6

2017 Apr 20

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the Pupil Platform v0.9.6...

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New docs website

2017 Mar 27

We have transitioned docs to docs.pupil-labs.com

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Pupil v0.9.3 release notes

2017 Mar 21

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the Pupil Platform v0.9.3...

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Pupil Capture, Player, and Service Release v0.9.2

2017 Mar 10

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the Pupil Platform v0.9.2...

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Hololens and BT300 eye tracking add-ons

2017 Mar 02

New eye tracking add-ons for the Microsoft Hololens and the Epson Moverio BT-300 - now available on the store!

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Pupil Capture, Player, and Service Release v0.9.1

2017 Feb 24

We pleased to announce the latest release of the Pupil Platform v0.9.1...

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Pupil Capture, Player, and Service Release v0.9.0

2017 Feb 17

We are very happy to announce the latest release of the Pupil Platform v0.9.0...

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Retinotopic to Spatiotopic Mapping in Blind Patients

2017 Feb 01

Pupil eye tracking tools used in conjunction with retinal prothesis measure the accuracy in mapping simulated retinal signals to world coordinates...

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Adapting Rendering to the User's Current Visual Field

2017 Jan 25

Daniel Pohl et al., use Pupil Labs' Oculus DK2 add-on to propose a rendering technique for HMDs that is optimized based on the user's current visual field...

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Personalized Image-based User Authentication using Wearable Cameras

2017 Jan 16

Ngu Nguyen et al., use Pupil to create a personalized user authentication system that generates image based passwords from egocentric video...

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Saliency in VR: How do people explore virtual environments?

2017 Jan 09

Vincent Sitzmann et al., use Pupil Labs Oculus DK2 add-on to research and develop new methods to learn and predict saliency in VR environments...

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Pupil Capture and Pupil Player release for Windows 10

2016 Dec 14

We are very happy to announce that Pupil support is now supported on Windows 10! Release notes for v0.8.7-w for the Pupil Platform...

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Pupil v0.8.7 release notes

2016 Dec 02

Release notes for v0.8.7 for the Pupil Platform. Includes updates for pupil mobile capture backend, calibration visualiser, overflow error, and more...

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FaceVR: Real-Time Facial Reenactment and Eye Gaze Control in VR

2016 Nov 25

A novel approach for real-time real-time gaze-aware facial performance capture system to drive the photo-realistic reconstructed digital face in virtual reality...

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Pupil plugin for Lab Streaming Layer

2016 Nov 18

Introducing Pupil LSL relay plugin that relays pupil data, gaze data and notifications to the lab streaming layer...

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Exploring the Effects of Gaze Awareness on Multiplayer Gameplay

2016 Nov 16

Pupil eye tracking headsets used to explore the invisible visual signals between players in multiplayer games...

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An Eye-Tracking Musical Expression Controller

2016 Nov 12

Focal is an experimental platform developed for musicians using Pupil eye tracking add-ons for Epson BT-200 AR headset...

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Pupil v0.8.6 release notes

2016 Nov 04

Release notes for v0.8.6 for the Pupil Platform. Includes updates for improved surface tracker performance and interface, UI improvements, and more...

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Pupil at The Van Gogh Museum

2016 Nov 02

We are really excited to see Pupil used in the Van Gogh Museum to see how people look at paintings...

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Layered Telepresence

2016 Oct 20

Yamen Saraiji et al. have developed the Layered Telepresence system - a layered-based approach to create a seamless interaction between multiple users from multiple locations to engage in the same conversation...

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Gaze-guided object classification with Pupil

2016 Oct 17

Michael Barz and Daniel Sonntag use Pupil to create a gaze-guided object classification system...

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Open Source 3D Pupil Detection and Mapping for Windows

2016 Oct 10

Yuta Itoh, Jason Orlosky, and other collaborators have implemented an easy to compile 3D eye tracking method. Written in C++, runs on Windows, and works with Pupil...

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Pupil v0.8.5 release notes

2016 Sep 30

Release notes for v0.8.5 for the Pupil Platform. Includes updates for macOS 10.12 Sierra, new fixation detector, UI improvements, and more...

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Pupil Featured on The Information

2016 Sep 27

Pupil is featured in The Information press article – Eye-Tracking Companies Set Sights on VR...

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Pupil Featured on Gitter Interview

2016 Sep 19

Pupil Labs talked about community building and open source in an interview with Gitter (chat and networking platform)...

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HTC Vive Eye Tracking Add On

2016 Aug 09

We are happy to announce the release of our eye tracking add-on for the HTC Vive headset. 120hz binocular eye tracking for the Vive...

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USB C Clip

2016 Jul 09

We are excited to share with you our new USB C clip...

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New Headset Color

2016 Jul 07

A new Pupil headset color is coming soon. We are experimenting with an in-house dyeing process to perfect the finish of our headsets...

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Pupil Service

2016 Jul 06

Pupil Service is a new app in release v0.8.0...

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Pupil v0.8.0 release notes

2016 Jul 05

Release notes for v0.8.0 for the Pupil Platform. Includes lots of changes to the message format, new inter proecss communication (IPC Backbone), and many more new features...

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Pupil in Google Cardboard

2016 Jun 01

Eye Square has integrated Pupil in Google Cardboard for product and in-store shopping studies...

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Pupil v0.7.6 release notes

2016 May 11

Release notes for v0.7.6 (minor release) of the Pupil platform. Includes improvements to the video backend, improved logging, and new plugins...

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Eyewear Computers for Human-Computer Interaction

2016 May 01

Pupil featured in Eyewear Computers for Human-Computer Interaction, ACM Interactions, Volume 23...

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Eye Tracking + Head Mounted Displays

2016 Apr 28

We propose a community driven, open source suite of software building blocks for eye tracking in Head Mounted Displays...

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Pupil User Docs Updates

2016 Apr 24

New video walkthroughs for Pupil Capture and Player and brand new getting started guide...

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Pupil v0.7.5 release notes

2016 Apr 18

Release notes for v0.7.5 (minor release) of the Pupil platform. Includes improvements to the surface tracker, bug fixes, and performance improvements...

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Pupil v0.7 release notes

2016 Mar 23

We are happy to release v.0.7 of the Pupil platform. This is a major release with lots of changes. Including the 3d pupil detector...

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Eye Tracking for VR and AR

2016 Feb 23

New Products - Eye tracking for VR and AR head mounted displays. Oculus Rift DK2, Epson Moverio BT-200...

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Pupil In Space

2015 Sep 25

Pupil is now in SPACE! Two Pupil headset went up to the ISS on Soyuz 44s...

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Pupil Capture and Player v0.6 Release

2015 Sep 08

Pupil Capture and Pupil Player v0.6 release notes. New features include Pupil Sync, visible logging feedback, and restructred video capture.

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Jobs - Seeking Android Developer

2015 Sep 01

We are looking to hire an Android software developer to join the Pupil Labs team...

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New Hardware & New Website

2015 Aug 25

Two big updates -- New Hardware and a brand new website...

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Pupil v0.5.0 Release

2015 Jul 03

We are very excited to release our latest set of improvements to the Pupil project with v0.5.x ...

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Pupil 0.4.0 Release

2015 Feb 25

We are very excited to release our latest set of improvements to the Pupil project. This is the biggest release so far. We have created 5 new libraries and made over 300 commits to the Pupil source...

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Roadmap for v0.4.0 and Hardware Updates

2014 Nov 14

Its been a while since we've posted any development updates. The reason for the silence is because we've been busy developing new hardware, and are preparing for major changes in the upcoming v0.4.0 releases for Pupil Capture and Pupil Player...

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Pupil Player

2014 Jul 10

We have been doing a lot of work recently on the back-end of Pupil Capture and Player, which will allow for much greater control in the way video and audio are captured, encoded, and decoded. While back-end changes are not yet available for use, we just wanted to say that we're working on it and hope to release changes within the next few weeks...

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Pupil Capture & Pupil Player - Joint Release v0.3.9

2014 May 21

We are pleased to announce another release of Pupil Player and Pupil Capture software...

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Pupil Technical Report on arxiv.org

2014 May 12

We just completed a draft of a technical report on Pupil titled -- Pupil - An Open Source Platform for Pervasive Eye Tracking and Mobile Gaze-based Interaction -- have released it on arxiv.org...

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Pupil Capture & Pupil Player - Joint Release v0.3.8

2014 Mar 25

We are happy to announce the release of new bundles for Pupil Capture & Pupil Player (v0.3.8). Bundles contain all the work that has been done in the last month. We have been working on many small but hopefully useful improvements...

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Pupil Player Release

2014 Feb 20

We would like to introduce a new app for Pupil - Pupil Player - With this application we've finally added the crucial missing part of the toolchain. You can now visualize Pupil Capture recordings after the fact using the app with GUI...

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New Pupil Pro Headset + Capture Software 0.3.7

2014 Jan 22

We're starting the new year with a lot of energy and some big updates here at Pupil Labs...

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Pupil v0.3.6 - Marker Tracking

2013 Dec 09

We've been busy working on a lot of improvements in the last few weeks both on the hardware and software fronts. We're pleased to announce that we've completed a Marker Tracking plugin...

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Pupil 0.3.5 Release

2013 Nov 14

Another quick release of our recent development work on Pupil. Updates are recommended!

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Pupil 0.3.4 Release

2013 Oct 21

We have been busy working on Pupil in the last month and want to share updates!

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