Our partners and supported integrations.

Our partners have embraced Pupil Labs eye tracking products and developed deep integrations into their software platforms and services. Here we also feature companies with novel products powered by Pupil Labs eye tracking hardware and software.


Software Integration

iMotions software enables researchers to gain a holistic view of human behavior via the integration of multiple biosensors: eye tracking, EDA, EEG, ECG, EMG, and facial expression analysis. Eye tracking analysis and visualization tools such as Areas of Interest (AOI) and automated gaze mapping can be combined with data from synchronized biosensors to better understand humans' psychophysiological response. Their services extend beyond the software platform with a dedicated team of consultants to support your research. iMotions supports post-import with the Pupil Invisible and Pupil Core eye tracking glasses.


Software Integration

TEA is a market leading manufacturer of biosensors and analysis software for behavioural research, both in the lab and in the field. The CAPTIV-NeuroLab toolkit is a solution designed for field studies (e.g. shopping studies) with combined eyetracking, emotional reactions (GSR), and optional EEG. CAPTIV-L7000 is a flexible and scalable high end research platform for recording, visualizing, and analyzing synchronous data from multiple proprietary and third-party biosensors: Motion capture, EMG, ECG, force, respiration, temperature and more. Both software solutions support Pupil Invisible eye tracking glasses; enabling deep insights in your customers behavior.

Lab Streaming Layer (LSL)

Software Integration

The lab streaming layer (LSL) is an open source software application that enables researchers to easily coordinate: networking, time-sync, and real-time access of multiple sensor data. Pupil Labs eye tracking systems are supported devices in LSL. You can stream data in real-time from Pupil Core and Pupil Invisible eye tracking systems and synchronize with other bio-sensors using LSL.


Software Integration

PsychoPy is a powerful open source tool for stimulus presentation and experiment control, trusted by psychologists and neuroscientists in a wide range of research areas. PsychoPy makes it easy to integrate and sync with Pupil Core to power your research. Use our Surface Tracking feature directly with PsychoPy to enable advanced screen-based experiments.


VR Software Integration

WorldViz is a world leader in innovative, enterprise-level virtual reality (VR) solutions. WorldViz provides software integrations for Pupil Labs VR eye tracking add-ons. WorldViz offers a simple yet powerful tool for setting up eye tracking experiments in VR that include examples for common eye tracking tasks, multi-user environments, heat maps, access to a support ticketing system for professional users, and more. The VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab runs on Vizard, which allows native integration with thousands of Python libraries.


Software Integration

Blickshift provides advanced eye tracking recording, visualization, and analysis software with built-in support for Pupil Labs. Recordings made with Pupil Core can be easily imported into Blickshift Analytics for qualitative and quantitative analysis. You can generate insightful visualizations. Search for eye movement patterns, and more. Blickshift Analytics also supports Pupil Core’s marker-based surface tracking (AOI tool) and synchronization with other sensor data.

HomeBrace Germany

Assistive Technology

HomeBrace Germany is on a mission to make life easier for people living with disabilities. Home Brace developed a novel product - MyEcc Pupil - which enables people with disabilities (some of which can only move their eyes) to drive a wheelchair, adjust seating, and move robotic arms using eye movements such as gaze direction and blinks. MyEcc Pupil is powered by Pupil Labs eye tracking technology. It is the only eye controlled assistive device that performs robustly outdoors and in bright sunlight.

Looxid Labs

VR Hardware & Software Integration

Looxid Labs is developing an AI powered user analytics cloud platform in VR to assess users' cognitive ability by collecting and analyzing their bio-signals such as eye and brain data. Using their tools researchers can collect eye tracking and EEG data in response to VR content and perform qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Looxid Pro is the hardware component of the system - an eye tracking plus EEG add-on for HTC Vive/Vive Pro. Eye tracking hardware and open source software components are powered by Pupil Labs.

Regional Resellers

Pupil Labs ships eye tracking products around the world. We recognize that in some cases you may prefer (or be required to) work with a regional reseller. Please check the list below, or reach out to us for referrals.