v5.3 - Reference Image Mapper Explainer and Undistorted Gaze Overlay Video

June 15, 2021

Reference Image Mapper

The Reference Image Mapper is a powerful enrichment that enables you to automatically map gaze to an object of interest. This enrichment works best when you provide optimal reference image and scanning recording, and understand the limitations of the tool. To make this easier we have created an explainer video and integrated it directly into the enrichment creator.

We also added the reference image that was used to create the enrichment in the download. This ensures that this important image is always available for further analysis.

Undistorted Gaze Overlay Videos

Cloud Gaze overlay

Pupil Invisible's world camera uses a wide-angle lens to capture a large field of view which introduces optical distortion. We have introduced a new setting to the Gaze Overlay enrichment that enables you to removing this distortion from the video.

In-App Feature Notifications

We are regularly adding new features to Pupil Cloud and want to make sure every user stays on top of what is currently available and possible. New features will be announced within Pupil Cloud itself.