Pupil Release

We have been doing a lot of work recently on the back-end of Pupil Capture and Player, which will allow for much greater control in the way video and audio are captured, encoded, and decoded. While back-end changes are not yet available for use, we just wanted to say that we're working on it and hope to release changes within the next few weeks.

Pupil Player

We have just completed some incremental updates for Pupil Player in the offline marker detector plugin. Download Player and try it out for yourself by with our sample recording below.

Here is an overview of new features:

  • Surface and gaze metrics reports saved as .csv files
  • Surface metrics and visualizations within Pupil Player
  • Option to use markers in the scene to set trim marks for automated video export

Heat maps are now mapped onto the surfaces within Pupil Player during playback. Above we show a screenshot of the sample recording with heatmaps -- try it for yourself!

We did notice that some markers that we used in our sample recording did not have enough of a white border around them, which results in surface jitter. You can scale the markers to different sizes, but make sure to have a white border width of at least 1.2 x the marker grid size for marker stickers.

Sample data

Sample data of gaze metrics and surface metric reports generated by Pupil Player for the sample recording. Below tables show overviews for the full duration of the sample video - to see all metrics download the recording.


frame_count 3235
surface_name visible_frame_count
box front 590
box bottom 263
box back 1182
box top 70
box left 119
box pullout 408
box inside 281
tablet front 2025


total_gaze_point_count 6434
surface_name gaze_count
box front 412
box bottom 100
box back 1327
box top 51
box left 112
box pullout 372
box inside 266
tablet front 1811

Let us know what you think and post questions (or links to your demos :-) on the Pupil Google Group.