Release v0.3.4

October 21, 2013


  • multiple bugfixes for improved stability
  • slight UI tweaks
  • changes versioning naming convention to: vX.Y.Z (Major, Minor, Development Iteration/Hot-fix)

bundle installation Linux:

  • download pupil ubuntu zipped bundle
  • unzip to location of choice
  • run
  • move shortcut to launcher and wherever else you want
  • done

User Directories on Linux:

On Linux your data will be next to the pupil bundle folder.

bundle installation Mac:

  • download pupil mac zipped file
  • unzip to location of choice

running on Mac:

We have one bug that prevents us from running the app without a terminal, here is the tmp workaround

  • Open “run_pupil_capture_from_mac_terminal” to start Pupil Capture

User directories on Mac:

On Mac Pupil will create two directories on your Desktop:

  • pupil_settings
  • pupil_recordings

simple player application for mac

Because you need some way to look at data and we are working on a proper player. Here a minimalistic app to play pupil data.

  • install Pupil Simple Player
  • drag a recording folder onto the app (the one that contains the actual files)
  • the app will start and play back your recording
  • a new video with overlay will be saved in the recoding dir