Release v1.2

The new v1.2 release improves overall stability and includes support for the new 200Hz eye cameras. We highly recommend upgrading Pupil Player, Service and Capture to v1.2.


  • Support for the new 200Hz eye cameras (#983)
  • Default eye video size to qVGA or smaller for better performance.
  • Bundle support for RealSense 3D on macOS and Windows
  • Add Hololens Relay - UDP relay for Pupil to HoloLens communication
  • Improve calibration marker detection, see below for details (#961, #965)
  • Offline Surface Tracker - Add confidence column to gaze export (#941, #945)
  • Refactor Video Export procedure (#927)
  • Refactor Batch Exporter (#931)

Bug Fixes

  • Improve Retina display support (#935)
  • Improve Camera Intrinsics Estimation stability (2028f1e6db21c32cdc84bd4ef0d685dd4ace01e1, #969)
  • Fix Offline Fixation Detector (#950)
  • Improve HMD Calibration (3d) stability (#970)
  • Include pyndsi v0.3.3 which fixes recording Pupil Mobile streams (#910 #976 #981)

Calibration marker detection

The calibration marker detection accuracy and efficiency has been improved. The procedure works best with our new markers: pupil calibration marker v4