v1.2.0 - Local Recording Export, Watchdog Service Update

April 12, 2021

Local Recording Export

Pupil Cloud is the recommended and most convenient method for moving recordings off of the Companion Device. However, we recognize that some users may not be able to use Pupil Cloud or have their own data processing pipelines running locally. Therefore, we implemented a feature to make it easier for users to export recordings from the Companion Device using a USB connection to a computer. This feature ensures that internal files required by the Pupil Invisible Companion app are excluded from the exported recordings, thereby maintaining a consistent file format. Check out the user guide in docs for more.

Watchdog Service Update

In our previous update, we have introduced the “watchdog service” that automatically detects issues like e.g. faulty USB connections at recording time and warns you about it. If there is an issue the Companion device will vibrate, a red LED on the Pupil Invisible Glasses will blink and the Companion app will let you know what the problem is.

This is an incremental update to this service improving its robustness and the range of failure modes it can detect.

info.json Update

The info.json file is saved with each recording, containing meta data about the recording. This file is primarily used by other software reading the recordings and developers. We have added two new keys to the info.json files that are saved with each recording: os_version and recovered_files. Check out the entire recording data format in docs.