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Pupil is an open source mobile eye tracking platform, in active community driven development.

Pupil eye tracking headsets have research grade specifications: 0.6° accuracy, 120hz eye capture rate, full HD scene camera, and 5.7ms latency.

It is used in a wide range of fields including: psychology, cognitive sciences, UX design, and marketing by academic and commercial research labs all around the world.

Hardware is accessible, modular, and affordable. Software is open source and supported on Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

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About Pupil Labs

Founded in 2013 by two recent MIT graduates, Pupil Labs focuses on research, design, development, and fabrication.

We believe in open source. We believe in small teams with diverse backgrounds. We work closely with our community to continuously improve the tools we build. Our office is located in Berlin, Germany. We fabricate locally and ship worldwide.

We send about one email per quarter with product updates, community news, and technical reports. We will never share your information or spam your inbox.

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