Platform for eye tracking and egocentric vision research.


Pupil Headsets are plug and play USB devices carefully designed to be lightweight, unobtrusive, and easy to use.

The hardware is strong and flexible. The 3d printed frame holds research grade cameras that record your field of view and your eye movements.

Our versatile and modular system is ready to be adapted to the specificities of your research or application requirements.

Monocular - Record and stream the gaze of the participant.

Binocular - Estimate where the participant is looking in 3d (vergence) and robust binocular eye movement data.

Egocentric vision research - Record the field of view of the participant.

Eye movement research - Record eye movement data.


Connect your Pupil headset to a Linux, MacOS, or Windows computer via USB


Pupil Capture is the software used with your Pupil headset.

Pupil Capture receives video and audio streams, detects your pupil, tracks your gaze, tracks markers in your environment, streams data in real-time over the network, and records data in an open format.


Pupil Player is a media and data visualizer at its core. You will use it to look at Pupil Capture recordings.

Visualize your data and export it. All Pupil software is open-source. You can modify it or write your own plugins to suit your needs.

Download the latest version of Pupil Player and test it out with our sample dataset.

Pupil Mobile

Pupil Mobile enables you to connect your Pupil eye tracking headset to your Android device via USBC.

Preview video and other sensor streams on your Android device. Record video and other sensor streams locally on your Android device or stream data over your WiFi network to other computers (clients) running Pupil Capture.

Pupil Mobile is seamlessly integrated with Pupil Capture. You can use Pupil Capture to remotely monitor and control instances of Pupil Mobile.

Pupil Mobile is currently in public beta. Download it on the Google Play Store.

Pupil Mobile on Nexus 5x

Technical Specifications & Performance

Eye tracking performance is determined in equal parts by the hardware and software.

We constantly work on our algorithms and codebase, so you can expect a steady improvement and the latest features.

The headset is configurable with different cameras, so you can get the hardware you need: from high resolution capture at 30 hz to low latency (5.7ms) 200hz eye and 120hz world camera.

Gaze Accuracy 0.60 degrees
Gaze Precision 0.08 degrees
Pupil Tracking Technology Dark pupil with 3d model
Pupil Parameters 2D position + 3D eye model parameters
2D Gaze Parameters Normalized 2D gaze position
3D Gaze Parameters 3D gaze rays + 3D gaze point through binocular vergence
Pupil Diameter Relative size in eye camera pixels + absolute size in mm through 3d eye model
Calibration 9-point and 5-point
Sampling Frequency Eye Camera 200hz @200x200px
Sampling Frequency World Camera 30hz@1080p / 60hz@720p /120hz@vga
Camera Latency 4.5 ms
Processing Latency Depending on CPU typically > 3ms
Slippage Compensation Yes, through 3D eye model
Recording Pupil and gaze and user data + raw eye and world video
Realtime Streaming Pupil, gaze, user, and video data.
Mobile Recording Device Pupil Mobile on Android (Supported Devices: Moto Z2 Play, Nexus 5x, Nexus 6p, OnePlus 3)

Navigate to the store to check all configurations, technical specs, and download sample videos.

Open Source

We believe in open source. All Pupil code is released with open source licenses.

A lot of work went into making the software modular and accessible. The majority of the codebase is written in Python.

We have developed a plugin structure that enables you to extend Pupil Capture and Pupil Player to suit your needs.

Check out the pupil repository on Github. Read developer documentation on

Pupil Plugin screenshot


A lot of design and engineering thought has gone into getting the ergonomics of the headset just right.

It is designed to fit snugly, securely, and comfortably.

The headset and cameras can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of users. The headset is made from laser sintered PA12, an extremely flexible, durable, and lightweight material.

Pupil Headset
DIY Pupil Headset

Modular & Hackable

If we don't have the configuration you need, customize it yourself. Our camera mount geometry and electrical interface is open.

We also like to work with users to create custom solutions. Get in touch!

If you're excited about SMD soldering and hacking: you can make your own Pupil DIY.

Buy the frame, source parts, and follow assembly instructions to build your own Pupil DIY headset.

Commercial Use & Dedicated Support

We offer dedicated email and video training and support packages.

See support packages in the store.

We offer use licenses to commercial users.

Contact us to discuss custom licensing options.