v5.4 - Head Pitch & Roll Estimates now available!

v5.4 - Head Pitch & Roll Estimates now available!

Jul 22, 2021

Jul 22, 2021

Head Pitch & Roll Estimates are now available!

The Inertial Measurment Unit (IMU) sensor embedded in the Pupil Invisible Glasses frame provides measurements that can tell us how the wearer’s head is moving. This can be valuable if you want to measure when your subject is looking downwards vs upwards for example.

In this update we have made the outputs of the IMU much easier to work with. Instead of only reporting the raw outputs of the IMU (rotational speed and translational acceleration), we now include estimates of the absolute pitch and roll of the head.

This is part of the Raw Data Exporter. You can find more details about how the estimates are calculated in the docs!

Information on when the Glasses are worn now included in Raw Data Export

The gaze.csv file included in the Raw Data Export now contains a new column called worn that indicates whether the Pupil Invisible Glasses have been worn by a subject at the respective time point (1.0 = worn, 0.0 = not worn).

This data has previously only been available as part of the binary recording data.

Improved Export Format of Marker Mapper

We have updated the export format of the Marker Mapper to be easier to use:

We have added a new column detected markers to the aoi_positions.csv file that contains the IDs of all the markers detected in the respective frame.We have split the corner coordinates in image column in the aoi_positions.csv file in to a separate column per coordinate to make it easier to parse.

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