v5.5 - Workspaces & Face Mapper

v5.5 - Workspaces & Face Mapper

Sep 30, 2021

Sep 30, 2021

Big release! We added two powerful new features. Workspaces enable collaboration with your colleagues. Face Mapper automatically detects faces in recordings!


Workspaces enable you to collaborate with colleagues through role based access from data collection with Pupil Invisible Companion App to data annotation and enrichment in Pupil Cloud. Workspaces act as isolated spaces that contain recordings, wearers, templates, labels, projects and enrichments.

Note: Update the Pupil Invisible Companion app to the most recent version (v1.3.0) to make use of workspaces.

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Face Mapper

Face Mapper is a new enrichment that automatically and robustly detects faces in the scene video and maps gaze data onto the detected faces. This enables you to easily determine when a subject has been looking at a face and to compute aggregate statistics (example: how much time was spent looking at faces?).

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