v6.1 - Introducing the Analysis View

v6.1 - Introducing the Analysis View

Aug 7, 2023

Aug 7, 2023

Introducing the Analysis View

We are excited to introduce the Analysis View in Pupil Cloud! This is where high-level analysis, data aggregation, and advanced visualization will take place.

While this is just the first release and we are starting small, we have many features in the pipeline that will make the Analysis View one of the most important areas in Pupil Cloud in the near future!

What is available today?

Here is what has changed in this release:

  • In this first release, we are mostly rearranging existing features in preparation for bigger upcoming releases.

  • Analysis View: In each Project, you will see “Analysis” as a new menu item in the sidebar.

  • Heatmaps: We moved heatmaps out of enrichments and into Analysis. A Heatmap visualization is automatically added for each Reference Image Mapper or Marker Mapper enrichment.

  • Video Renderer: We renamed the Gaze Overlay Enrichment to Video Renderer and moved it into the Analysis view.

What’s next?

We have many exciting features planned for the Analysis View in the near future. This includes:

  • Areas of Interest (AOIs): We’re putting the finishing touches on an AOI tool. Draw AOIs on reference images and surfaces. Aggregate data on AOIs.

  • Metrics: Automatically calculate standard metrics for data on AOIs like e.g. “Average Fixation Duration”. Visualize them using various graphing options.

  • Video Renderer: More gaze visualization options (think cross-hair, eye video overlay). Abilities to visualize and render data from multiple enrichments.

  • Sharing: Share links to videos and visualizations with others.

We will be adding more and more of these features in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for updates!

Updates and Fixes

  • Workspace collaboration: Now when you create a new workspace, you can immediately invite other editors to collaborate. Hopefully this makes this feature more discoverable! You can also invite users from workspace settings.

  • Enrichment recordings: The enrichment track now has a tooltip and visual style to clearly communicate if a recording is not matched/included in the enrichment.