v7.0 - Areas of Interest, Improved Timelines, and more

v7.0 - Areas of Interest, Improved Timelines, and more

Jan 24, 2024

Jan 24, 2024

We are excited to announce another round of updates for Pupil Cloud! We are introducing Area of Interest (AOI) analysis, improvements for the recording timeline, and several other smaller changes.

Areas of Interest

We are excited to launch AOI tools in Pupil Cloud! Use the AOI Editor in your Reference Image Mapper and Marker Mapper enrichments to draw AOIs on top of the reference image or surface. You can draw anything from simple polygons to multiple disconnected shapes.

AOI Metrics

After you have drawn AOIs you will automatically get CSV files of standard metrics of fixations on AOIs: total fixation duration, average fixation duration, time to first fixation, and reach.

AOI Heatmaps

Create visualizations of AOI metrics using an AOI Heatmap!

Enrichment Results in the Timeline

The recording timeline now contains visualizations for enrichments that indicate when they successfully tracked the reference image, surface, or face respectively.

This provides you with a high-level overview of when the stimuli were in the subject’s field of view.

Timeline Zoom

You can now zoom in the timeline. Zoom out for an overview of the entire recording and zoom in up to 1-second intervals to inspect the details.

Project Layout Changes

Enrichments now have a dedicated table. This enables you to search/sort enrichments and view more information about each enrichment in a single view. It also cleans up the sidebar!

Create Button

We added a “create” button in the enrichment and visualization views. Each button opens a modal that also contains more information about each enrichment and visualization. The aim is to make it easier to understand the setup and output of enrichments and visualizations.

Faster Downloads

Downloads of Marker Mapper and Reference Image Mapper exports are now 20x faster!


You can now search for workspaces and projects by their ID.

Native Recording Data

If you want to download recording data from Pupil Cloud, in the same format it was saved on the Neon Companion Device, it is now called Native Recording Data.


We have switched to hardware based timestamps for video feeds for increased accuracy. If you need old recordings in Pupil Cloud updated to hardware timestamps reach out info@pupil-labs.com