v7.1 - New timeline features, fixation count metric, and stability updates

v7.1 - New timeline features, fixation count metric, and stability updates

Apr 1, 2024

Apr 1, 2024

We are excited to announce another round of updates for Pupil Cloud. This release focuses mostly on stability, but we’re also adding a few nice UI updates as well!

Enrichment timeline visualization

We have put more design work into the enrichment timelines to make it easier for researchers to discover the results of enrichments. Timelines for enrichments now visualize three states:

  1. Processing: The processing states of the enrichment. Ready, Processing, Done.

  2. Localization: Visualizes where the reference image or surface detected in the recording.

  3. Gaze on reference: Visualizes where the subject is looking at the reference image or surface in the recording.

Automated recording recovery

We developed an automatic recovery tool that fixes recordings that were not playable on the Companion Device or that were directly exported from the Companion Device to desktop.

AOI Heatmap Metrics: Fixation Count

We’ve added average fixation count metric to the AOI Heatmap visualization.

Marker Mapper Image

The Marker Mapper image now automatically selects an image where all markers are visible from within the enrichment section.

Workspace management

You can now leave workspaces. This can be useful if you are no longer contributing to a workspace and want to clean up the list of workspaces associated with your account. You can always join a workspace again by accepting an invite from a workspace admin.

Follow mode for playback as default

We’ve added a new feature so that the playhead is always in view during playback. This is now the default playback mode. If you want to switch back to the old style, you can click the “follow mode” button.

Improved Fullscreen Experience

We removed the top application bars when in fullscreen so that we can maximize the available space for fullscreen viewing.