Release v0.3.0b1

Release v0.3.0b1

Oct 6, 2013

Oct 6, 2013

This is a test release for Linux x64 only.

  • user settings and tmp files are now saved in "settings"

  • all recordings are saved in "recordings"

  • both folders are created when needed and reside next to the binary app/pupil_src folder when data is written by the app.

pupil capture now uses glfw3 with multi monitor and multi window support.

calibration workflow is improved:

  • full screen option

  • monitor selection

Pupil can now be fully bundled and distributed in a more app like fashion:

Pupil can be run in two ways from now on:

a) use the self contained bundle with pre-compiled application.

b) install all required python packages and run pupil "from source" using python

Option a:On linux all you need is to download the .zip file, extract it to where you wish and run '' to create a shortcut to start pupil_capture. This shortcut can be dragged into the launcher.

Mac to follow soon.

Option b:Please have a look at