Release v0.3.5

Release v0.3.5

Nov 6, 2013

Nov 6, 2013

New Pupil Capture Routine release:

Improved Pupil Detection:

The new Pupil detector is more sophisticated and should preform much better. The False Positive rate (ghost pupils) has been dramatically reduced.

  • Pupil detection now pre-filters contours based on curvature properties.

  • Ellipse fitting now utilizes fitting error to discard bad ellipses

  • Our detector now matches and combines contour segments to find a maximally supported ellipse.

  • The result is now augmented with a confidence measure (from 0 to 1).

Improved Point Display

GL points now have custom shaders for improved display. This means that Linux users that experienced square points should now see proper circle points.

Proper Logging

Pupil now uses a proper logging system and stream information into logfiles in the user_settings dir.


A few small bugs have been smashed.

Installation using the bundles

If you want to just use Pupil Software and don't need to make changes to the source code, you can download and run our latest standalone Pupil app bundles below.

bundle installation Linux:

  • download pupil ubuntu zipped bundle

  • unzip to location of choice

  • run

  • move shortcut to launcher and wherever else you want

  • done

User Directories on Linux:

On Linux your data will be next to the pupil bundle folder.

bundle installation Mac:

  • download pupil mac zipped file

  • unzip to location of choice

User directories on Mac:

On Mac Pupil will create two directories on your Desktop:

  • pupil_settings

  • pupil_recordings

simple player application for mac

Because you need some way to look at data and we are working on a proper player. Here a minimalistic app to play pupil data.

  • install Pupil Simple Player

  • drag a recording folder onto the app (the one that contains the actual files)

  • the app will start and play back your recording

  • a new video with overlay will be saved in the recoding dir