Release v0.3.7

Release v0.3.7

Jan 19, 2014

Jan 19, 2014

This release introduces a few improvements.

Manual Marker Calibration

We now have two markers both can be printed out from the pdf below.

  • circular calibration marker: Used to calibrate as usual. Check the Pupil Github wiki for instructions.

  • stop calibration marker: Similar in looks but with white center. Show this to the scene camera and the calibration will stop.

We added a progress indicator so the operator can see when they are collecting samples. We also improved detection robustness as some users had trouble with false positives.

Selectable Capture

During runtime you can now select which camera to capture from (Mac&Linux only).This is integrated into the GUI via a drop down menu. Known issues: On Linux you should not select the same capture in more than one window simultaneously (crash).

Support for new Pupil Pro Headset.

A few tweaks have been made to enable the use of our soon to be released improved Pupil Pro mobile eye tracking headset. Of course doing this we did not drop any other hardware from the support list.

Minor bugfix and tweaks

See commits.