Release v0.3.7.1

Release v0.3.7.1

Jan 28, 2014

Jan 28, 2014

This is a test release of the Pupil Player. More a proof of concept than anything else. It does work!

Bundle release

Bundle only available for Ubuntu X64 for now. MAC will follow but Quicktime is not playing along so well.


  • seek bar with frame accurate seeking.

  • simple gaze dot overlay

  • exporter that will export the video with a simple red circle as gaze overlay.

    • each export runs in a separate process: this means you can continue looking at the recording and run multiple exports simultaneously

    • you can specify start and stop frame - much like trim marks

    • you can specify the file location and name

Soon to Come

  • scan path

  • marker tracking

  • more visualizations

  • bundle release for MacOS

Bundle version use

Just drag a pupil recording dir onto the launcher icon and the player will start.

Source version use

cd pupil/pupil_src/player

python /path/to/data/dir/