Release v0.6

Release v0.6

Sep 8, 2015

Sep 8, 2015

Dear Pupil Community, we are very happy to push our latest release of Pupil Capture and Player!

New Features

  • Pupil Sync -- Synchronise and control recording and timebase across all Pupil Capture instances running in the same network. We think this will be useful for multiuser and multi-camera setups. (You can run Pupil Capture with a webcam (we recommend c930e) to incorporate additional synchronised recordings from other viewpoints.)

  • Added visible logging feedback within the World window.

  • You can auto load your own plugin while running from the application bundle. Check out documentation on the wiki

  • Restructured video capture -- Pupil Capture now checks if a camera is already in use and allows to switch between all connected cameras and an additional 'fake capture'. You can now start Pupil Capture, connect the headset later and select the camera you want while the program runs. Multiple sessions of Pupil Capture can now be opened without it trying to open cameras that are already in use from a running Pupil Capture session.

  • Added slider enabling one to adjust the minimum marker size. This way you can use much smaller markers.

    • Linux Player memory leak has been fixed.

Changes for developers

  • Recording meta info has been made more robust

  • Added a time spent between frames message in events for better counters and animations.

  • Added plugin notification scheme. Use notify_all to let other plugins know what your plugin does. Listen to other plugins with on_notify. It all happens here and here

Installation of Bundles is the usual. Windows release will trail this release by about a week. Please let us know if you spot anything buggy or have great ideas for improvement (small and big).