Release v0.7.5

Release v0.7.5

Apr 19, 2016

Apr 19, 2016

We are happy to release v0.7.5 of the Pupil platform!

New Features

This is a minor release, it reflects the latest changes and bug fixes made to the pupil source code since v0.7.4.

Surface Tracker

We have improved the surface tracker.

  • Renamed marker detector to surface tracker.

  • 'min_markers_perimeter' is settable in the offline surface tracker.

  • Individual markers can now be added and removed from surfaces.

  • The UI has been improved.

  • A few bugs in the marker detector have been fixed.

  • The surface tracker now compensates for lens distortion.

3D gaze mapping data

3D gaze mappers now report 3d gaze data.

Performance improvements

Thanks to @mikeboers work a critical memory leak in PyAV has been fixed: Pupil Player and Pupil Capture now use considerably less memory on multiprocessor linux machines.

Small improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved notifications for recording and calibration.

  • Small tweaks and bug fixes.

We hope you find these new features useful and look forward to feedback!


The Pupil Dev Team