Release v0.7.6

Release v0.7.6

May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016

We are happy to release v0.7.6 of the Pupil platform!

New Features

This is a minor release, it reflects the latest changes and bug fixes made to the pupil source code since v0.7.5.

Calibration Marker Detection

The detector has been improved to work with smaller markers like the one below

The simple marker above printed with a diameter of 40mm can be used at distances of 2m with current Pupil hardware. The old marker is still supported and will continue working.

Capture Robustification

  • The pupil video_backend now tries to restart the capture device after all attempts to read from the device have failed.

  • The world process with fall back to a fake capture if all attempts to restart and recover communications with the camera have failed. This behavior provides better feedback to the user than a shutdown of the capture program.

  • The world process will stop recording when the fallback to fake capture occurs.

Revived Plugin: Pupil Remote

  • Motivated by #352 and conversations with pupil community members ( @papr, @cpicanco, and others ).

  • A new plugin that offers a simple way of controlling Pupil from non python environments like Matlab.

  • It handles requests in a separate thread to reduce latency. (As opposed to the initial version posted in #352)

  • See: for an example of how to control Pupil Capture via Pupil Remote.

Improved Logging

  • All Pupil Capture logging is now globally received by the world process, displayed in the world window, and saved to capture.log

  • New Plugin: Log History shows the last 50 log messages in the world window.

We hope you find these new features useful and look forward to feedback!


The Pupil Dev Team