Release v0.8.7-w

Release v0.8.7-w

Dec 14, 2016

Dec 14, 2016

Pupil on Windows

We are very happy to announce that the latest version of Pupil is now available on Windows 10!

A lot of work went into getting the usb and low level video backend running robustly for Windows, and now Pupil is equally well supported on macOS, Linux, and Windows.

📢 Note📢 The v0.8.7 release for macOS and Linux can be found :point_right: here

It is also important to note that this is the first Pupil release that uses Python v3.5.2, and OpenCV v3.1. You can run the python3_opencv3_merged branch from source on macOS, Linux, or Windows if you are using Python 3.5.2 and OpenCV 3.1.

Windows Driver Setup

In order to support isochronous USB transfer on Windows, you will need to install drivers for your Pupil headset cameras. You can follow the steps from this short guide on our wiki.

Running Bundles on Windows

  1. Download the bundle.

  2. Extract the archive with 7zip

  3. Launch pupil_capture.exe or pupil_player.exe from within the Pupil Capture or Pupil Player bundle.

You may also want to right click on the .exe and Create shortcut so you can launch the applications from desktop. For debugging, you can run the .exe with cmd prompt.

Known Issues

  • CPU performance Graph is not accurate. The CPU graph in World, Eye, and Player windows displays a much greater percentage than is actually being used. Use task manager to see actual cpu performance.

  • Audio feedback for calibration routines is not yet implemented in Windows

  • Audio Source - Menu yet working

  • ~~Pupil Remote - not yet functional~~ fixed in latest bundle below


  • Updated timing function to timeGetTime in pyuvc in latest Capture bundle

  • Pupil Service bundle is now ready for testing 😄

  • Fixed multiprocessing bug for batch exporter plugin on Pupil Player

  • v0.8.7-w-20 fixed calibration issues, plugin window location issues

Please open issues on github if you find any bugs, so that we can incorporate changes in the next bundle/release. We hope look forward to your feedback!


The Pupil Dev Team