Release v0.9.12

Release v0.9.12

May 23, 2017

May 23, 2017

v0.9.12 Overview

Bugfix and feature release. We recommend updating Pupil Player and Capture to v0.9.12!


  • Audio capture is now its own plugin. Audio packets are now timestamped and made available as events.

  • Pupil Mobile now syncs its time with Pupil Capture.

  • Protocol versioning for time-sync and NDSI (the protocol we use to talk to pupil mobile).

  • H264 capture to file from pupil-mobile network stream is now officially supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Increased timestamp granularity for Windows capture backend to avoid frames with the same timestamp.

  • Fixed a bug that double applied gaze correction in the exported video.

Windows Driver Installation

If you are installing Pupil on Windows 10 for the first time, please see Windows 10 driver setup instructions here.