Release v0.9.14

Release v0.9.14

Sep 2, 2017

Sep 2, 2017

v0.9.14 Overview

New feature release. We recommend updating Pupil Player and Capture to v0.9.14!


  • 3d World camera - We have added support for librealsense which enables Pupil Capture to capture depth and rgb streams from the Intel RealSense R200. Read more about this feature in the docs. Currently only supported when running from source. Bundle support is coming soon!

  • Widows Driver Auto-Installer - Windows drivers are automatically installed when you run Pupil Capture on Windows 10.

  • Accuracy Test - The accuracy test and visualizer has been refactored. This plugin enables one to easily test and visualize accuracy directly after a calibration. See #808 and #812.

  • Diameter History Plugin - New plugin for Pupil Capture that displays a graph of pupil diameter for each eye using diameter data from the 3d model. See #820.

  • Camera intrinsics - Refactored all distortion code. Added fisheye distortion models to support wide angle lenses and added more pre-set calibrations. See #789 for further explanation and discussion.

  • Real-time Fixation Detector for Pupil Capture - refactored fixation detector to work in 2d and 3d mode alike. Reduced CPU load and added visual feedback.

  • Real-time heat maps in Pupil Player - test the heatmap feature of our surface-tracker in real-time.

  • Blink detector visualization - Update for the blink detector plugin. Blinks are now visualized in Pupil Capture by a screen shade on blink onset.

  • Drag and drop support for video files in Pupil Capture - Select the Video File Source manager and drag and drop video files into the world and eye windows in Pupil Capture.

  • Looped video playback for file source

  • Stability and performance improvements of the libuvc usb video backend.

  • Pupil detector size settings now scale with video resolution.

  • Improved monocular 3d gaze mapper accuracy by allowing one more degree of freedom in the mapping function.

  • Numerous small improvements in the Eye Video Overlay plugin for Pupil Player

Bug Fixes

  • Frame publisher - a number of smaller fixes

  • .mkv file support in the offline pupil detector

  • Surface tracking marker detector fixes - a number of smaller fixes

  • ROI settings are persistent again.

Windows Driver Installation

Drivers are now automatically installed and updated! Please let us know if this does not work for you so that we can improve the installer!


As always we hope you enjoy the new release and please do let us know of any bugs. We look forward to your feedback!