Release v0.9.4

Release v0.9.4

Apr 5, 2017

Apr 5, 2017

v0.9.4 Overview

New feature and bugfix release. We recommend updating Pupil Capture and Pupil Player to v0.9.4!

New features

  • Pupil Mobile now supports h264 streaming and saving. This is a great feature because it considerably reduces file size and bandwidth requirements. Warning - this feature is still in Beta.

  • Use msgpack instead of pickle for saving data to files. This makes saved files smaller and loading faster.

  • Use only Python built-in types on the IPC and only save Python built-in types in pupil_data. With this convention Pupil data is self-sufficient and can be interpreted easily outside of Python.

  • Improved high DPI display support (e.g. for Retina displays)

  • Added ability to load runtime calibration plugins.

  • Calibration data and plugin parameters are now reported on the IPC and saved during recording.

macOS Application Bundles

  • We are able to offer macOS application bundles again! (finally 😄)

Bug Fixes

  • Offline and Online Surface Tracker now report identical events.

  • Numerous small fixes.