Release v1.2

Release v1.2

Dec 14, 2017

Dec 14, 2017

v1.2 Overview

The new v1.2 release improves overall stability and includes support for the new 200Hz eye cameras. We highly recommend upgrading Pupil Player, Service and Capture to v1.2.


  • Support for the new 200Hz eye cameras (#983)

  • Default eye video size to qVGA or smaller for better performance.

  • Bundle support for RealSense 3D on macOS and Windows

  • Add Hololens Relay - UDP relay for Pupil to HoloLens communication

  • Improve calibration marker detection, see below for details (#961, #965)

  • Offline Surface Tracker - Add confidence column to gaze export (#941, #945)

  • Refactor Video Export procedure (#927)

  • Refactor Batch Exporter (#931)

Bug Fixes

  • Improve Retina display support (#935)

  • Improve Camera Intrinsics Estimation stability (2028f1e6db21c32cdc84bd4ef0d685dd4ace01e1, #969)

  • Fix Offline Fixation Detector (#950)

  • Improve HMD Calibration (3d) stability (#970)

  • Include pyndsi v0.3.3 which fixes recording Pupil Mobile streams (#910 #976 #981)

Calibration marker detection

The calibration marker detection accuracy and efficiency has been improved. The procedure works best with our new markers:


As always we hope you enjoy the new release and please do let us know of any bugs. We look forward to your feedback!