Release v1.3

Release v1.3

Feb 2, 2018

Feb 2, 2018

v1.3 Overview

We are pleased to announce the release of Pupil v1.3!

There are a lot of new features - especially for Pupil Player - that we are excited to share with the Pupil community.

screen shot 2018-02-02 at 13 34 22

Screenshot of Pupil Player demonstrating the timeline graphs features during a "blink" event.

Download the latest bundle and let us know what you think via the #pupil channel 😄



  • Text input - Support for cut/copy/paste and double click to select all in text input fields - #1027

  • Collapsed menu - Main menu is now collapsed by default#1019. You can expand the menu by clicking any of the the icons on the right hand side of the screen.

  • Pupil detection - Disable coarse detection for eye videos with width less than 200 pixels #1022

  • Pupil Service UI #1016

Pupil Service UI

Pupil Capture

  • 200hz eye camera - Improved support for the new Pupil Labs 200Hz eye cameras

  • Online pupil detection opt-out - This feature enables one to opt-out of online pupil detection in Pupil Capture #1009. If you use this feature, you should record eye videos so that you can use offline pupil detection and calibration in Pupil Player (Recorder > Record eye).

  • Real world start time - Add record start time as Unix timestamp to info.csv #1017 - this enables users to calculate when the recording started in real-world time.

  • Single marker calibration - Add display modes for Single Marker Calibration #1021

Pupil Player

  • Time based seeking in Player #1041

  • Improved Player seek control

  • Add more Player timelines

  • Offline blink detection #1040

Offline Calibration Improvements

  • Disabled automatic search for calibration markers

  • Added option to cancel calibration marker seach

  • Added option to use detected calibration marker as natural features for manual filtering

  • Improved caching of detected data

Improved Player Seek Control

  • Highlight elements on hover that can be activated when being clicked or dragged

  • Playback modes and speeds #1023

    • Frame-by-frame seeking when paused

    • Decrease and increase playback speed while playing

  • Point & click somewhere on the seek bar to jump to this position

Player Timelines

  • Added pupil confidence graph in the timeline #1040

  • Added 2d pupil diameter (pixels) graph in the timeline diameter, 2d, in pixels #1040

  • Added blink events graph in the timeline #1040

  • Added recorded FPS, for world and eye videos as a graph in the timeline #1051

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed visual bug where offline gaze mapping would be stuck at 99% #1014

  • Fixed crash when changing a text field in the Accuracy Visualizer menu #1007

  • Fix passing a recording to Pupil Player as a command line argument #1006

  • Fix bug where main menu would not expand #1006

  • Improved ROI handling #1031


As always we hope you enjoy the new release and please let us know of any bugs. We look forward to your feedback!

200hz video Pupil mobile bundle support

This has been added with v1.3-9! Please update to this version and re-download the recordings from your device.