Release v1.5

Release v1.5

Mar 2, 2018

Mar 2, 2018


We are pleased to announce the release of Pupil v1.5!

Download the latest application bundle and let us know what you think via the #pupil channel 😄



  • Indicate annotation firing with a short log message. This provides realtime feedback for users that fire annotations via Pupil Remote -- #1080

  • Screen-based calibration plugins: Session-persistent monitor selection -- #1091

  • Capture allows creation of recordings without an active world video source, requires pyndsi>=0.4 -- #1101.

  • Enable eye video recordings by default - #1101

  • Enable/disable eye video recordings using the recording.should_start notification -- #1101


Trim section and export improvements -- #1093

  • Remove trim section indicators from video and raw data exporters

  • Add trim section indicators to general settings, showing both:

    • relative recording time

    • frame indices

  • Add export_info.csv file to export folder. This csv file contains the following information:

    • Player version

    • Data format version

    • Export start date and time

    • Frame index trim range

    • Relative time trim range

    • Absolute time trim range (world timestamp range)

  • We no longer use trim range with frame indices as a naming convention

  • We now use incrementally increasing folder names with format %d%d%d, e.g.:

    • <recording>/exports/000/

    • <recording>/exports/001/

    • <recording>/exports/002/

Confidence threshold consistency -- #1100

  • Previously, all binocular mappers dismissed pupil data with confidence lower than 0.6 to prevent bad binocular mapping. Now, low confidence pupil data is mapped monocularly.

  • Introduction of a user settable global minimum calibration confidence threshold. This threshold sets the lower bounds of the pupil data confidence that is used for calibration. This value was previously fixed to 0.8 in Pupil Capture and to 0.0 in Pupil Player -- effectively using low confidence pupil data for calibration. This threshold can be set in all calibration plugin menus.

These changes were introduced based on #1052 and #1047.

Minimum data confidence: Lower bounds gaze data by confidence that is used to generate visualizations and high level data, e.g. fixations. This does not effect the raw data export. Following data points are effected by it:

  • Fixations

  • Offline surface heatmaps

  • Circle, cross, light points and polyline visualizations


  • Fix Fake_Source compatibility with Frame Publisher -- #1085

  • Service does not crash when starting Frame_Publisher via a notification -- #1099

  • Frame_Publisher only warns once on encountering an incompatible format instead of warning each time -- #1099

  • Fix an issue where Fake_Source would return frames at 2 fps in Capture if it was restored from the session settings. -- #1085

  • Offline Fixation Detector: Correct upper limit of fixation lenghts to 4000ms -- #1084

  • Avoid ZeroDivisionError when calculating hdpi factors on Windows -- #1090

  • Avoid positioning windows by default behind the Windows task bar -- #1103

  • Fix bug where export folders were written into the recording folder itself instead of into the exports subfolder

  • UVC control settings are correctly restored from session settings and on reconnect -- #1099 and #1101

  • Avoid crash on recordings with less than 10 world frames -- #1101

  • Player always checks for recordings without world videos instead of only checking on upgrading the recording format - #1101

  • Fixed a bug that crashed Player when removing a surface - #1106

  • Fixed a bug that crashed Capture on restoring a minimized window on MS Windows 10 when log display was loaded - #1097