Release v1.6

Release v1.6

Mar 21, 2018

Mar 21, 2018


We are pleased to announce the release of Pupil v1.6!

Download the latest bundle and let us know what you think via the #pupil channel 😄


Audio Playback in Player -- #1111

Starting with v1.6, Pupil Player supports playback of recorded audio. Audio playback only works if the playback speed is set to 1x. Mute functionality and audio wave visualization will be implemented in the next release.

Developer notes

The audio playback implementation is based on portaudio and its pyaudio wrapper. Installing these will be required to run from source. See the developer doc changes for details.

Audio Capture for Windows -- #1110

We are very happy to add support for audio capture on Windows!

iMotions Exporter -- #1118

We added a plugin in Pupil Player that will enable you to export Pupil data to iMotions data format. You can import the exported Pupil data into iMotions software.

Experimental Fingertip Calibration -- #1108

This experimental calibration routine allows you to self-calibrate by using your fingertip as a reference point. This method should be used for prototyping and experimentation only. The detection robustness is not yet production grade, but we will put a lot more effort into this going forward. We wanted to release the idea so that you can try it out, suggest improvements, and provide feedback feedback.

Accuracy Visualizer -- #1126

Accuracy Visualizer is now a default plugin. This plugin will visualize the calibrated area. You can turn the visualization off in the plugin's settings menu.


  • HoloLens Relay: Fix gaze topic format change regression -- 6534ec

  • UVC Source: Use hardware timestamps for Pupil Labs cameras only -- #1123

  • Automatic detection and reinitialization if 200Hz eye camera exhibits stripes: issue #1116 -- #1024. If you are still experiencing this behavior after updating to v1.6, please open an issue and we will follow up with you to debug.