Release v2.2

Release v2.2

Aug 5, 2020

Aug 5, 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of Pupil Core software v2.2!

Download the latest bundle (scroll down to the end of the release notes and see Assets).

Please feel free to get in touch with feedback and questions via the #pupil channel on Discord 😄


With v2.2, we have focused on improving the user experience when using Pupil on high-pixel-density displays. Now, Pupil scales and layouts its content correctly based on the content-scaling factor set in your operating system's settings.


Support For High-Pixel-Density Displays - #1976

On displays with a high pixel density, content looks much smaller than expected. Operating systems have the option to scale its content appropriately. Until now, Pupil only supported content-scaling on macOS. With this release, we have added support for content-scaling on Windows and Linux as well.

Smaller Improvements

  • Better user feedback when Accuracy Visualizer reports nan values - #1974

  • Disabled Duplicate and Delete buttons for read-only post-hoc calibrations - #1972

  • Use a square default eye window aspect ratio, matching the latest default cameras - #1987


Remove Option To Manually Change The Interface Size - #1988

With native support for content scaling on the operating system level, there is no need to scale the UI manually anymore. Therefore, we have removed this feature to further simplify the user interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed non-monotonic progress visualization for post-hoc gaze mapping - #1965

  • Fixed flickering on macOS when resetting the window size - #1973

  • Fixed an empty side-menu when restarting Capture after using HMD-Eyes - #1979

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to log any non-string object - #1980

  • Fixed 2D monocular gaze calibration not working - #1983

Developer Notes

Changed Requirements

pyglui v1.28 - #1972

We updated the pyglui dependency to v1.28. On Linux and macOS, you can update with:

pip install -U git+

On Windows, please download and install the latest wheel from GitHub.

glfw 3.3 - #1976

In order to support content-scaling across all three platforms, we make use of the glfwGetWindowContentScale function which has been introduced in glfw 3.3.

We recommend installing the latest glfw 3.3 release via

Removed g_pool.gui_user_scale - #1976, #1988

With the removal of the Interface Size setting, the g_pool.gui_user_scale variable has been removed as well. If you draw custom UI content in your plugins without using pyglui, you should now instead use g_pool.gui.scale to scale the content appropriately for different native display scaling settings.

Removed Legacy Plugin Base Classes - #1971

The following legacy plugin base classes have been removed. All plugins inheriting from them now just inherit from Plugin:

  • Visualizer_Plugin_Base

  • Analysis_Plugin_Base

  • Producer_Plugin_Base

  • Experimental_Plugin_Base


To open the RAR-archive on Windows, you will need to use decompression software, e.g. WinRAR.