Release v2.4

Release v2.4

Sep 17, 2020

Sep 17, 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of Pupil Core software v2.4!

Download the latest bundle (scroll down to the end of the release notes and see Assets).

Please feel free to get in touch with feedback and questions via the #pupil channel on Discord 😄


In Pupil v2.4, we are adding support for eye camera intrinsics. These are used to improve 3d eyeball model positioning. Additionally, we have fixed a long-standing issue that caused application windows not to appear on startup when using Windows OS.


Better 3D Eyeball Position - #1995

We now use the focal length of the eye cameras to improve the estimate of the 3D eyeball position. Previously, the 3d eye model assumed a fixed camera focal length. This will most likely not have any noticeable effect for most use-cases, as it does not influence the gaze estimation. We assume default focal lengths for the different types of eye cameras shipped with Pupil Labs's hardware.

Caveat: 200Hz Vive Add-on Recordings

Pupil Core software now saves the eye camera intrinsics to the recording folder. On opening recordings made with previous versions in Pupil Player, we patch up the recording by inserting the appropriate eye camera intrinsics.

It is important to note that the 200Hz Pupil Core and 200Hz Vive Add-on use eye cameras with different focal lengths. Unfortunately, it is not possible for Pupil Player to differentiate between existing eye videos made by these cameras. As a result, Pupil Player will use 200Hz Pupil Core eye camera intrinsics for existing 200hz Vive Add-on eye videos.

To avoid this, we recommend placing 200Hz Vive Add-on intrinsics into your exisiting recordings. You can download the default 200Hz Vive Add-on intrinsics from the Downloads section below. Remember to remove the vive_200hz_ prefix.

Recordings made with Pupil Capture v2.4 and higher will not require any action in this regard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when opening Pupil Invisible recordings with more than 10 parts - #1996

  • Ensure timelines update when changing calibrations for post-hoc gaze-mapping - #2000

  • Fixed a crash when opening a recording that contained recorded fallback intrinsics - #2002

  • Fixed a very rare crash of the eye window caused by malformed data - #2008

  • Fixed occasionally missing windows on startup on Windows in multi-screen setups - #2007

  • Resolved an error message when minimizing the eye windows on Windows - #2009

Developer Notes

Changed Requirements

pupil-detectors - #1995

We have updated pupil-detectors to v1.1.1, please update with

pip install -U pupil-detectors

packaging - #1993

We now require packaging>=20.0, please update with

pip install -U packaging

Internal Version Parsing - #1993

We have switched to a more general version-parsing method by using packaging.version.parse to parse all internally used version strings (from Pupil and external dependencies).

Black Formatter 20.8 - #2003

We have upgraded our black formatter to version 20.8, which introduces a few changes to previous versions and reformats parts of the code which were fine previously. Please make sure to also upgrade black with

pip install -U black


To open the RAR-archive on Windows, you will need to use decompression software, e.g. WinRAR.