Pupil Labs 2019 Review


Author(s): Pupil Dev Team

January 1, 2020

2019 in Review

2019 has been a really big year for us at Pupil Labs!

We launched Pupil Invisible and Pupil Cloud. We redesigned our brand identity and launched a new company website and docs website. We added talented new members to our team, and attended conferences around the world!

The Pupil community has continued to grow and develop. The quantity and diversity of academic contributions using Pupil hardware and software is impressive!

We have a lot of exciting features in the pipeline for 2020 that we are excited to get into your hands!

Pupil Invisible

We launched Pupil Invisible - the first deep learning powered eye tracking system! Pupil Invisible looks and feels like a normal pair of glasses. No setup, no adjustments required, and no calibration.

Pupil Invisible glasses and Companion

A lot of pieces came together to make Pupil Invisible possible. All teams at Pupil Labs coordinated to take this product from an idea to reality. Pupil Invisible connects to an Android powered Companion Device that enables real-time gaze preview, recording, streaming over WiFi, and securely and robustly uploads your recordings to Pupil Cloud.

Thanks to the Beta program members for being pioneers and for testing out new features. Your feedback continues to be valuable for product development.

Last, but not least, we also added a desktop app - Pupil Invisible Monitor. Use it to stream video and gaze data over WiFi from all Pupil Invisible(s) to your desktop!

Pupil Cloud

Pupil Cloud is our new web app for storing, playing back, and (coming soon) enriching your Pupil Invisible recordings.

Make recordings with Pupil Invisible and they will be robustly uploaded to your Pupil Cloud account. Your data is stored securely and privately. Use Pupil Cloud to organize, play back, and enrich your data.

Note: If you haven't already, check out the Template feature! You can use it to add meta-data to each Pupil Invisible recording.

This is our very first web based product and we have learned a lot in the process so far. We have a lot of exciting features in the pipeline for Pupil Cloud. You will soon be able to use Pupil Cloud not just for storage and organization, but to enrich your recordings and take steps towards high level eye tracking insights.

New Look

Some of you might have noticed that our entire look has changed.

Our design team has been working hard on new products, and on the company itself. We’ve got a brand new logo and identity - designed in-house.

Our new brand identity is most visibly seen in our new website and docs site. Our new brand identity informs our new products user interface and experience.

Pupil Core

Pupil Core software (Capture, Player, and Service) had a strong year with 11 app releases in 2019 alone!


This year we sponsored ETRA and ECEM. We got a chance to meet with the community and to give people a hands-on demo of Pupil Invisible.

Pupil Labs New Look

Our R&D and Software Engineering teams also attended EuroPy and ICCV this year.