Exploring the Effects of Gaze Awareness on Multiplayer Gameplay

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Author(s): Pupil Dev Team

November 16, 2016

Joshua Newn et al., explore the invisible visual signals between players in multiplayer gameplay. The gameplay would simulate different gaze conditions to test players interactions, varying in levels of gaze information from invisible to visible.

Gaze can provide visual information of the player's intention. During gameplay, players monitor each other's interactions to gain and evaluate opponents intentions and formulate strategies based upon the visual information.

Pupil hardware and software was used in the study to track the gaze of two players during co-located gameplay. Gaze information is processed and visualized on top of the table top board game via a projector - "augmenting both the board and the game objects."

When gaze is augmented over the game and revealed to other players, gaze now becomes visible to other players. A shared visual information between players. With gaze being shown explicitly, players could formulate strategies and could be used as a form of deception. Their study strives to provide new insights towards gaze awareness in gameplay.

Check out the their full research paper here.

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