Pupil Player Release


Author(s): Pupil Dev Team

February 20, 2014

We would like to introduce a new app for Pupil - Pupil Player - With this application we've finally added the crucial missing part of the toolchain. You can now visualize Pupil Capture recordings after the fact using the app with GUI.

Take a look at the demo screencast.


Currently implemented:

  • A seek bar

  • Scan Path

  • Different methods of gaze visualization

  • Offline marker based surface tracker

  • Exporter

Expect more features to follow in the coming weeks!
Platform for offline processing

Pupil Player uses the plugin system found in Pupil Capture. This allows developers and contributors to roll their own awesome new ideas into Pupil. Currently we have a few simple Visualizations but more powerful plugins are in the Pipeline!


The current visualization plugins support exporting. Using the app you can export all or just sections of the recording with a visualization in the background. Multiple exports can be processed simultaneously while you continue to browse though the video and try out different visualization methods!


Unfortunately, only the Linux bundles are available. Mac and Windows will work running from source.

User Guide

We have added Pupil Player to the user guide on github. Check it out.

As always. This is very fresh code. Please try it out and and give us feedback on the Pupil Google Group!